Vulnerable Adults

Adult Protective Services Unit

Minnesota law mandates safe environments and services for vulnerable adults and protective services for vulnerable adults who have been maltreated. The DHS Adult Protective Services Unit provides training and consultation to citizens, service providers, counties, law enforcement and state agencies regarding the Minnesota Vulnerable Adult Act [Minnesota Statute Section 626.557 (1995)]. The unit also develops policy and best practices and collects and evaluates data to prevent maltreatment and plan adult protection services.

Reporting suspected maltreatment of vulnerable adults

The Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center (MAARC) is the statewide common entry point for accepting reports of suspected maltreatment of vulnerable adults.  Reports will be promptly submitted to the appropriate investigative agencies.

The MAARC provides a toll-free number for the general public to call and make a report, 844-880-1574, and a web-based reporting system for mandated reporters.

Mandated reporters are professionals or professional’s delegate identified by law (MS 626.5572 Subd. 16) who MUST make a report if they have reason to believe that the abuse, neglect or financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult has occurred. Mandated reporters are the only reporters that can use a web-based reporting system. Mandated reporters may also make a phone report 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling the statewide toll-free number 844-880-1574.

Mandated Reporter Training:

Some professionals are required to report suspected maltreatment of a vulnerable adult. Online Mandated Reporter Training provides training on state statute and the duties of mandated reporters. It is available to any interested person.

Guidelines to the Investigation of vulnerable adult maltreatment

The Adult Protection Manual provides policy and procedures for county staff as required in Minnesota Statute 626.557 Vulnerable Adult Act and Minnesota Rule 9555.7100-9555.7700.