New MBA Executive Director and DHS Director of Aging and Adult Services Division - Kari Benson

February 15, 2016

On February 1, 2016, Kari Benson was appointed director of the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) Aging and Adult Services Division and executive director of the Minnesota Board on Aging effective

This position provides statewide aging services leadership for both DHS and the Minnesota Board on Aging. As we face a major demographic shift, with a doubling of Minnesota’s older adult population in the next 15 years, Kari will play a critical role with other stakeholders in continuing to innovate to meet changing needs and ensuring individuals receive the right service at the right time. She will oversee planning for and providing sustainable financial, housing and service options for older Minnesotans, including management of Minnesota’s state and federally funded home and community-based services programs.

Jean Wood will remain with DHS and the Board on Aging through February 23 to help ensure a smooth transition of Kari to her new position.