Sherry's story

October 26, 2016

Sherry contracted Polio at the age of ten and has been in a wheelchair ever since. In 2015 Sherry had pneumonia which caused her to go into respiratory arrest. She then spent time at a couple of hospitals as well as respiratory rehab unit within a nursing home. Sherry required a tracheostomy and a ventilator and didn’t know if she could ever go home.  Sherry and her husband Lee then learned about Return to Community.

Watch how Return to Community specialist Jen, helped Sherry return back to her community and helped make sure everything needed to support Sherry at home was lined up.

“Jen from Return to Community was in my view was a bright light in this whole situation.  Now I had somebody besides Lee[her husband] who was there to be an advocate for me and that made me feel good" - Sherry .

"The best thing that Return to Community did was help us navigate the process of going from being totally dependent on others in the nursing home situation and being totally independent at home and all the things that could go wrong in that process and making sure they didn’t” – Lee.

Sherry's story